I've been so frustrated by technology

So, it’s still pretty messy

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So, here we are almost a month later and things are still pretty messy around here {SIGH}

The last time I posted I told you that I purchased a NEW theme called Blossom Feminine Pro, have installed and configured it on a test site, resized all of my images, and thought it would only take a couple of weeks to get it looking the way I want it to.  WRONG!

Basically, I’ve spent the last 3 weeks yelling at my monitor in frustration!  The theme is a lot more complex than I originally thought and it’s not consistent between browsers and computers.  What looks fine on my 17″ widescreen laptop looks horrible on my 28″ widescreen monitor at the day job and vice versa.  What looks good in Firefox or Google Chrome is totally different in Internet Explorer.  Images that look good on one computer look horrible on the other.

While the theme developer has been helpful – it seems that she can only address one issue at a time – even though I provided her with a document with screen shots of what the problems were.

I’m not a novice when it comes to website design and maintenance.  For years I’ve managed 3 other websites for the day job – and I even built my own themes for them.  Then I added the website for my handmade business (Fanciful Things, LLC- and I purchased a theme) and now I’ve added this site.

All in all I’m very frustrated – this has consumed all of the time that was supposed to be divided between my own handmade business and content/plans for this site!

This is the type of thing that most people won’t tell you about owning your own business – but I will!

So, the bottom line is this – I’m staying with the theme that I have now and will go back to developing content for this site.  Maybe, later on down the road I’ll change the theme.  But for now, this is as good as it gets!

Ok, rant over!

Back to your regularly scheduled crafting 🙂


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