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Warning! This is NOT just another site about how to sell your handmade items.

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Did I catch your attention?  Great!  I know I only have seconds to capture and hold you attention before you make the decision that this site isn’t for you.  So, now that I have your attention…….

Let me tell you what this site IS all about………

It’s going to tell you about all the nitty gritty details that go on behind the scenes when you are thinking of starting a business AND then while you are actually running your business – that have absolutely NOTHING to do with actually selling your finished handmade items or designs.

Hi I'm Nancy Smyth aka the Yarny Bookkeeper. I'm a career bookkeeper and handmade business owner just like you.

Hi, I’m Nancy – thanks for stopping by!  As I said, this is NOT another site about how to sell your handmade items – there are tons of those here on the internet and I’m betting that you’ve probably visited a lot of them on your search for information and you are pretty overwhelmed at this point.

I’m also betting you’ve done a LOT of “Googling” for handmade business bookkeeping.  You’ve probably found a whole bunch of stuff that is outdated, general, or just isn’t what you need.  You may be feeling pretty frustrated over the amount of time you’ve wasted.

I’m going to get a little personal here if you don’t mind, for just a minute.

  • Do you currently own a handmade or creative business?
  • Maybe you’re thinking of starting a handmade or creative business, where you’ll sell finished item or design patterns.
  • Has anyone talked about all the bookkeeping and other behind the scenes stuff that’s involved in starting and running a successful business?

If you are thinking of turning your love of handmade items (and perhaps your current hobby) into a real business and are wondering about things like:

  • How to register your business
  • Determine your initial investment
  • How to price items to regain your start up costs AND make a profit
  • What counts as business related expenses for a handmade business
  • What you need to keep for receipts
  • How long you need to keep business records
  • How the IRS views handmade businesses
  • Things you MUST track to prove you are a professional business
  • Choosing a business structure – Sole Proprietor, DBA, or LLC
  • What Federal, State, and Local Agencies you need to register your business with
  • How to translate all those bookkeeping and accounting terms into simple English
  • And so much more ………

If you already have a handmade or creative business and you’re looking to get your finances under control, then you’ll find information about:

  • Using spreadsheets for tracking your finances
  • Using bookkeeping software, like QuickBooks desktop
  • How to track things like Owner Contributions and Owner’s Draw
  • How to calculate business use of home costs
  • And so much more…….

Then you are most definitely in the right place, as these are just a few of the things that I will talk about, write articles about and teach here on the Yarny Bookkeeper.

So, grab your favorite beverage and take a look around.  Be sure to sign up for our newsletter (this link opens in a new page) before you go and receive our free welcome gift – a Project Cost & Pricing Worksheet – for becoming a subscriber.

If you don’t immediately see the answer to something your are looking for, drop me a note and tell me what you are looking for – or better yet – take my quick survey.

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