Webinars and courses for handmade & creative business owners. Taught by a career bookkeeper and handmade business owner.
Webinars & courses from the yarnybookkeeper.

Below you’ll find a listing of of available and upcoming webinars & courses.  Click on each image to learn more – all existing and upcoming webinars & courses will initially be listed here.

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Webinars & courses offered via “The Yarny Bookkeeper” are designed to help handmade and creative business owners learn about bookkeeping and other behind the scenes stuff involved in running a business.

These offerings will enable you to:

  • learn about and stay on top of bookkeeping tasks
  • maximize your business tax deductions
  • really know and understand your numbers.

If you’ve taken the advice offered in other webinars, started your handmade or creative biz, the sales are rolling in and now your faced with keeping track of all this STUFF…..you’re in the right place!

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Free Introductory Webinar - 10 things EVERY handmade or creative business owner should know
10 things EVERY handmade or creative business owner should know.

Webinars & Courses (coming soon)

Announcements and initial information will be made here on this page.

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