1. […] also have a clearer picture of how much money you’re making and spending on your business, if you keep it […]

  2. My stepdaughter and niece also didn’t know how and its why I am so glad I Homeschool my son as I can make sure he learns as he is 12 and has his own business. When he grows up be can work for himself and teach others.

    1. It’s crazy isn’t it, that this younger generation isn’t taught basic life skills in schools. Logging into an on-line bank account and seeing if there is money there is craziness (especially if you have a business). Congratulations to your 12 year-old for already having a business and good for your for homeschooling him!

  3. Oh that is so true that today’s generation would not know these things.. While we don’t use the check register anymore for our personal accounts, we do need to maintain it for other purposes..

  4. You break this down for newbies so easily to understand the ins and outs. We had our interior decorating business for over 50 years and always used a spreadsheet. We started way before internet and since I was so use to they “old fashioned” way I stuck with it.

    1. Thanks Martha – that’s such a lovely compliment! It’s the getting it done that’s important – not the how you do it! I’ve used the huge paper ledger sheets, spreadsheets, and finally bookkeeping software (which is now my preferred method).

  5. Oh! A check register would be a great place to keep track of both the earned income and the deductible expenses!! Thanks.

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