1. These are great questions that I often ask when looking for a personal banking account too! Thanks for such helpful information, Nancy!

  2. Great list of questions to have! Thank you..

  3. I liked the tips you provided for finding the right bank for home biz.I will check my local area online options.

  4. This is awesome advice Nancy. When I opened a bank acct for my handmade Minky Blankets, I found a bank that had no fees as long as I kept $250 minimum. I was happy with that!

  5. Those are great questions to ask a prospective bank! I’ve never thought of doing that before.

    1. Jeanine, most people don’t think about asking questions like this – but why not, the bank feels they can ask you all kinds of questions! Personal bank accounts are usually a breeze, but business ones can hold a lot of unpleasant, hidden surprises. We all need to ask questions in order to make sound business decisions. 🙂

  6. Thank you for sharing these tips with us as I rely on Paypal for any payments I make through my Blog but not that I want to branch out and work with local companies who will be paying me it’s time to look into a Checking Account and I have a friend who works for a Credit Union so I will check with him about getting a account through them as well as the bank I use for my personal account which is a small Family- Owned Bank called Happy Bank.

    1. Glenda, you’re welcome! Glad you found it helpful. For some reasons a lot of people overlook credit unions. But I was appalled at the fees & minimum balances that my regular bank wanted!

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