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When should you start a bookkeeping system for your handmade business?

I know it's hard to get a straight answer to this question. The internet is full of conflicting and horrible information. Here's my advice - Start a bookkeeping system right from the start!

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10 Things EVERY Handmade or Creative Business owner should know!

I’m betting that you’ve attended a bunch of webinars telling you just how easy it is to start and run a handmade business. Learn what other webinars aren’t telling you!

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Thinking of ditching the spreadsheets and using software?

Have you been thinking of ditching the spreadsheets and using bookkeeping software (like QuickBooks)? This recorded webinar will compare both methods of keeping your books.

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Read the latest blog posts about bookkeeping tips and "other behind the scenes STUFF" for your handmade or creative business.

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Courtney Whitehead Creations by Courtney

I love Nancy! She is so knowledgeable! And it’s all tailored towards a handmade business. If you have ever attempted to research bookkeeping, it’s more general or for other industries. The fiber and handmade business has a lot more small parts to account for, and Nancy is always offering relevant information. Because I keep up with her blog posts, I am actually tracking my crochet business expenses monthly, if not biweekly. I feel that I have a much better understanding of what’s coming and going, as well as an overview of the year so far. Thank you Nancy!


Nancy knows her stuff! From what you need to do to be considered an honest-to-God business, the things you need to track to be profitable, how to handle your bookkeeping and the transactions that are important, to how to choose the right tax professional, this site will give you a good, solid start with the 'boring' side of your handmade business, and help keep you from wondering where your money went.