Here’s how I can help. If you’re new here, start with these resources.

Bookkeeping is a process. Start with these 6 steps (that include both free and paid resources) to help you figure out where you're at in your journey to figure out your handmade business bookkeeping needs. These steps will help yout to develop your own processes and procedures.

Step 1: Sign up for this FREE Workshop

AVOID These 10 Handmade Business Myths.
Join me as I discuss 10 common myths about taxes (and bookkeeping) when starting a handmade business. These myths COULD get you into a lot of trouble if you believe them.

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Step 2: Read this blog post

When should you start a bookkeeping system for your handmade business?
Here's my advice - Start a bookkeeping system right from the start! The internet is full of conflicting and horrible information.

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Step 3: Read this blog post

6 Reasons WHY you need good bookkeeping records
Keeping good bookkeeping records so you don't piss off the Tax Man isn't the only reason. There are 5 other reasons you need good bookkeeping records.

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Step 4: Take a Quiz

To determine if your bookkeeping needs are simple or complex.
Everyone wants a "simple" system. But depending on what you do, it might not be as simple as you want.

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Step 5: Sign up for this mini-course

What should you be tracking in your handmade business bookkeeping system?
This mini-course will help you to develop a Chart of Accounts (a list of things you want to track) to help you create good financial reports.

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Step 6: Sign up for the Master Class

Create a bookkeeping system for your handmade or creative business.
Once you've decided on what you want to track in the mini-course, the next logical step is to create a bookkeeping system that you'll actually use.

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Check out what's new on the blog

Are you ready to start a bookkeeping system for your handmade or creative business?
Or, maybe you already have a bookkeeping system that you think could be better.
Either way, the blog has lots of information to help your get started or make it better.

End tax time panic, update your bookkeeping all year

Want to end tax time panic? It’s simple, update your bookkeeping weekly all year long. Tax time comes but once a year. So many handmade business owner scramble to do months worth of bookkeeping tasks to “hurry up” and get ready for tax time, in a relatively short amount of time – hating every second …

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Courtney Whitehead Creations by Courtney

I love Nancy! She is so knowledgeable! And it’s all tailored towards a handmade business. If you have ever attempted to research bookkeeping, it’s more general or for other industries. The fiber and handmade business has a lot more small parts to account for, and Nancy is always offering relevant information. Because I keep up with her blog posts, I am actually tracking my crochet business expenses monthly, if not biweekly. I feel that I have a much better understanding of what’s coming and going, as well as an overview of the year so far. Thank you Nancy!


Nancy knows her stuff! From what you need to do to be considered an honest-to-God business, the things you need to track to be profitable, how to handle your bookkeeping and the transactions that are important, to how to choose the right tax professional, this site will give you a good, solid start with the 'boring' side of your handmade business, and help keep you from wondering where your money went.