Craft An Intentional Spending Plan For Your Black Friday Shopping

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Black Friday shopping is the gateway to unbeatable deals, whether you’re eyeing the latest gadgets, essential materials, or courses to help make you a more productive handmade business owner.

Crafting an intentional spending plan for your Black Friday spending is crucial.

You know your inbox will soon overflow with Black Friday deals (if it hasn’t already). Sales emails will flood in from every yarn supplier and course creator you’ve ever subscribed to. But amid the frenzy of the upcoming months, it’s all too easy to let impulse buying hijack your budget.

To make the most of this shopping extravaganza without emptying your wallet, crafting an intentional spending plan is a must.

Crafting your Black Friday shopping strategy: A Guide to Intentional Spending

Follow these 8 steps for creating your own intentional spending plan for your Black Friday shopping this year.

8 Steps For Crafting an Intentional Spending Plan for Your Black Friday Shopping

Here’s how to create an intentional spending plan:


Start by creating crystal-clear, purpose-driven shopping goals for Black Friday.

Take a few minutes to create an intentional and focused list of the things you want and NEED for your business. Give priority to the things your business genuinely NEEDS first.

  • Do you NEED a new computer?
  • What essential tools and materials (like yarn) do you NEED?
  • What business courses would BENEFIT you and your business the most?
  • Now, list all the wants.

Prioritize these items based on their importance and urgency. Having well-defined objectives will keep you on tract and prevent impulsive splurges.


When you have your shopping list ready, it’s time to establish a budget.

  • Decide on your total spending limit.
  • Allocate specific amount to each item on your list.
  • Ensure your budget aligns with with your business finances to avoid dipping into your family budget.

Remember, Black Friday is about SAVING, not accumulating business debt or straining your family’s finances.


Thoroughly research the things you plan to buy.

  • Compare prices from various retailers, especially for big-ticket items like computers and laptops.
  • Hunt for additional discounts, coupons, or cashback offers for these high-value purchases.
  • If you’re considering a course, be aware of any VIP Ticket upgrade costs.


Black Friday shopping can be chaotic! With early-bird specials, doorbusters, and VIP upgrades.

  • Check the sales dates and timings so you don’t miss out.
  • Mark the course enrollment and VIP Ticket deadlines.
  • Create a schedule for the deals you’re mot interested in to ensure an organized approach.


Keep extra expenses in mind while shopping.

  • Factor in taxes and shipping for online orders.
  • Consider extended warranties or protection plans for electronics.
  • Don’t forget the cost of the VIP Ticket upgrade for courses.

Always consider the total cost of each item, not just the initial price.


This is always the hardest thing to do! When those Black Friday offers flood your inbox, it’s easy to get swayed by tempting deals or FOMO.

Stick to your plan as closely as possible and avoid those impulse purchases.

If you do come across an unexpected deal, though:

  • Consult your budget and make informed decisions.
    • Can you afford the extra expense?
    • What needs to be adjusted in your original budget?
  • Ask yourself in you REALLY NEED the item.
    • Another course on Instagram reels? (When you already have 3 that you haven’t touched).
    • Yet ANOTHER marketing course? (When you already have several, but you’re hoping this one MIGHT be easier to understand).
    • That discounted yarn you’ve been eyeing? (But have no purpose for).


Yup, this is where the bookkeeping comes into play. Keep your purchases organized in your bookkeeping system to stay within your budget. Make adjustments if needed, such as transferring funds from your personal account into your business account as an “Owner Investment.


After your Black Friday shopping spree, take time to reflect.

  • Did you stick to your plan?
  • Did you overspend in certain areas?

Use this experience to fin-tune your spending plan for future shipping events, like those “Year-End Clearance Sales.”


Black Friday shopping offers a remarkable chance to save money on items you want or need.

However, if you don’t have a well-structured spending plan, you risk falling prey to impulse buying, FOMO, and spending far more than you think.

By setting clear shopping goals, establishing a budget, doing thorough research, and exercising discipline, you can make the most of your shopping without jeopardizing your financial well-being.

Remember, successful Black Friday shopping is about more than just snagging the best deals; it’s also about safeguarding your financial health.

Happy shopping!

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