I’m so sorry for the “vanishing act”

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I’m so sorry for the “vanishing act” and I owe you all a HUGE apology!

On August 25, my husband went in for shoulder surgery. He had a torn rotator cuff and two torn/frayed tendons in his right arm/shoulder.

He’s right handed, and to say his arm and shoulder were a mess – would be an understatement.

Right from the beginning, I knew this was trouble!

What was supposed to be a 4 hour procedure turned into a 7 hour procedure!

The Dr. replaced his tendons with nylon ones and as they were attaching the second tendon with a nylon screw into his shoulder – BOTH the screw and the tendon BROKE! So they had to totally redo that one.

We were told to expect 8 to 12 weeks of recovery!

Since then, it has been insane around here, to say the least.

Because he’s right handed, it makes the simplest of tasks pretty much impossible.

We usually do what we jokingly call – divide and conquer. There has been no dividing and I’ve had a lot of conquering to do!

I’ve been:

  • running our software biz
  • playing chauffer
  • keeping our 3 acre lawn mowed
  • trying to button things up for winter
  • dealing with the produce from the garden
  • spending WAY too much time sitting in parking lots WAITING
  • having NO internet (or cell service) while sitting in those parking lots – even though I brought my mobile hotspot
  • arranged the graveside service for my Uncle in less than 10 days
  • and canning tomatoes, tomatoes, and more tomatoes!
  • falling into bed absolutely exhausted every night

The good news is (at least for me and I hope you as well) that my husband is FINALLY adjusting to life as a left-handed person and able to do a few things.

The stinking tomatoes seem like they are never going to end! This pic is from Thursday afternoon, before I picked a 4 gallon bucket! Unfortunately, I hardly put a dent in them and need to pick more today.

So you see, I really didn’t do a vanishing act on purpose.

Sometimes there just aren’t enough hours (or energy) in a day!

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  1. What an ordeal hubby went through! Don’t feel you vanished without a trace, family always corns first. Wow those tomatoes! Sending healing prayer for your hubby and prayers for your sanity. ? Sorry I just had to add that to make you laugh. You’ve been missed!

    1. Martha, yes it’s definitely been an ordeal! Sanity…..LOL what’s that?

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