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Tax Time ticking clock

Tax Time Help for Handmade Business Owners

Tax time is right around the corner, and if you’re a handmade business owner there are “things” you need to keep track of and record in your bookkeeping system for tax purposes. This post has some bookkeeping and tax time tips to make your life easier.

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How inventory works and why it’s important in your handmade business

How inventory works and why it’s important in your handmade, creative, or craft business can be totally confusing to understand. Running a handmade, creative, or craft business is a labor of love. The overhead required to keep it running smoothly is usually your precious time and energy. Understanding how inventory works and why it’s important to keep track of it, allows …

End tax time panic, update your bookkeeping all year

Want to end tax time panic? It’s simple, update your bookkeeping weekly all year long. Tax time comes but once a year. So many handmade business owner scramble to do months worth of bookkeeping tasks to “hurry up” and get ready for tax time, in a relatively short amount of time – hating every second of it. Leaving the bookkeeping …

Bookkeeping using spreadsheets-is it right for your handmade biz?

Bookkeeping using spreadsheets

Bookkeeping using spreadsheets was the most popular answer to a poll I created this week in my Free Facebook community.  I asked the members of the community to tell me what they would like to learn more about: creating a bookkeeping system using spreadsheets setting up QuickBooks Online to do your books using QuickBooks Desktop to do your books The …