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3 methods for tracking costs of little parts & pieces

Tracking Costs of Little Parts & Pieces

Tracking costs of little parts and pieces that go into your final finished handmade creations can be totally mind boggling!  Here are some tips which we talked about in a live Facebook video this past week. No matter what you make there are always going to be items such as this that are hard to …

Does tracking the cost of your handmade items have you frazzled?

Tracking Costs of Handmade Items Got You Frazzled?

Are you struggling to keep track of the costs of your handmade items? It’s essential for handmade business owners to accurately determine the expenses associated with each finished product. That’s where the Project Costs & Pricing Worksheet comes in. This free tool eliminates guesswork, allowing you to calculate costs, set appropriate selling prices, and stay organized. Say goodbye to relying on memory or sticky notes covered in numbers. Subscribe to our newsletter and get your own copy of the worksheet today.