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Tax Time Help for Handmade Business Owners

Tax time is right around the corner, and if you’re a handmade business owner there are “things” you need to keep track of and record in your bookkeeping system for tax purposes. This post has some bookkeeping and tax time tips to make your life easier.

6 Common Bookkeeping Thoughts That Will Keep You Stuck (and How To Overcome Them)

Negative thoughts about the bookkeeping for your handmade business will keep you stuck! Learn about 6 common negative thoughts about bookkeeping and how to overcome them. Bookkeeping isn’t sexy or glamourous – and everyone can come up with a bazillion excuses (oops, I meant REASONS) to avoid doing their bookkeeping. The more times that you tell yourself things like: I …

How to categorize craft business expenses

How to categorize craft business expenses is really pretty simple.  By the time you finish reading this post you’ll be ready to tackle the task at hand.  Categorizing craft business expenses can be totally overwhelming and confusing for new handmade, creative or craft business owners. Heck, even some of us who’ve had a handmade business for a long time can …

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How inventory works and why it’s important in your handmade business

How inventory works and why it’s important in your handmade, creative, or craft business can be totally confusing to understand. Running a handmade, creative, or craft business is a labor of love. The overhead required to keep it running smoothly is usually your precious time and energy. Understanding how inventory works and why it’s important to keep track of it, allows …

The "so-called experts" in the handmade or creative business world all seem to recommend spreadsheets.  I'm betting that most of them actually use software, even though they tell YOU that spreadsheets are the way to go - so they can SELL you a spreadsheet that they designed but don't use anymore!  

Software or spreadsheets for handmade business bookkeeping

Wondering if using bookkeeping software or spreadsheets for your handmade or creative business bookkeeping is a better choice? Well, you aren’t alone – it’s a tough question and doing the research makes it an even tougher decision. And, let’s face it, I KNOW that most handmade or creative business owners DETEST doing their books and will make every excuse in …