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Join us for a Productivity Challenge!

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Productivity is a challenge for handmade business owners!  And I’m inviting you to join our Productivity Challenge in our Facebook group!

Every Monday in our Facebook group the theme is Manage “IT” Monday, now the “IT” is whatever task or tasks you have that have been sitting on your back burner that you’ve been ignoring for whatever reason and now you are feeling totally overwhelmed because there is SO much to do.

Manage IT Monday Productivity ChallengeThe theme of Manage “IT” Monday is pretty simple and I’ve even designed a form for you – which is ONLY available from the Files section in our Facebook group.  So if you haven’t joined head on over to Facebook now.

You write down 3 things that you want to accomplish in the upcoming week.  Then you keep track on a day by day basis what you actually did or accomplished each day.  At the end of the week you get to review:

  • what sucked up the most of your time
  • what you avoided and why
  • and, a spot to jot down ideas for things you want to tackle in the upcoming week.

Rules of the Productivity Challenge

The rules of the productivity challenge are pretty simple.

  1. Join our Facebook group
  2. Download the form from the Files section and fill it out
  3. On Monday, look for the Manage “IT” Monday post and share the 3 things you want to work on/accomplish this week
  4. Check in on Wednesday for the Working on IT Wednesday post and let us know how things are going and what roadblocks you are facing
  5. Come back on Friday and join our live chat where we can discuss the things you didn’t get done and why it didn’t happen and see if we can’t come up with some solutions
  6. Rinse, lather and repeat steps 3 through 5 each week

So, why am I launching a productivity challenge?

Well, it’s pretty simple.  As handmade business owners we have a HUGE To Do List:

  • social media
  • bookkeeping
  • writing blog posts
  • updating our website
  • tracking taxes
  • actual time to do our craft
  • time for education
  • our families and our normal every day responsibilities
  • and the list goes on and on

With all the things that we have going, it’s easy  to end up putting many tasks on the back burner and focus on whatever is right in front of us at the moment.  But at some point, we stop and realize all the other things we’ve been neglecting – maybe we have done our bookkeeping this month (this quarter or at all this year), maybe we haven’t updated our website, or paid attention to our taxes and all of a sudden it’s total OVERWHELM.

By choosing 3 things each week, we make that list manageable and by joining a public challenge it helps us to be accountable to ourselves and we end up with a support network who can help us by talking about ways to make things easier.

Are you ready to join the productivity challenge?

Until next week – Happy Handmade!




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