10 Things EVERY handmade business owner should know!-Webinar replay

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10 things EVERY handmade & creative business owner should know!  Here are the 10 things we’ll be talking about:

  1. 8 Things other webinars aren’t telling you!  Sure, you’ve attended other webinars – but did your hosts tell you about these 8 things that aren’t glamorous?
  2. How does the IRS view handmade businesses?  Hobby vs. business – learn the difference.
  3. What information do I need to keep track of?  The answer is “EVERYTHING” – but learn about the specifics.
  4. What’s involved in setting up a handmade business?   Plan, Plan and more PLANNING!
  5. Do I need to register my business?  Learn about government agencies.
  6. Bookkeeping & Accounting Terms  Welcome to the world of “Accounting Speak”.
  7. Bookkeeping software or spreadsheets – which do I choose?  Learn the difference between bookkeeping software and spreadsheets.
  8. Common bookkeeping transactions.  Learn about common bookkeeping transactions – we’ll even show you some uncommon ones.
  9. Two main business reports.  Learn what reports you’ll use to file your taxes.
  10. Can I do my own taxes or should I hire a professional?  Pro’s and cons of doing it yourself.

I know these tips and techniques work – I’ve done them myself and helped others do them as well.  As a career bookkeeper & business owner I’ve:

  • Built a successful business
  • Created business’s that I am passionate about
  • Shared my knowledge of bookkeeping & accounting – and have gotten paid for it!
  • Helped thousands of business owners and their staff learn to master their bookkeeping & accounting tasks

Here’s what this introductory course can do for you:

  • Learn what other webinars aren’t telling you about what’s involved in starting/running a handmade business
  • Discover how the IRS views handmade businesses – so you can transition from a hobbyist to a professional business
  • Help you register your business and learn about various government agencies
  • Help you understand “accounting speak” in the business world

I hope you enjoy this FREE webinar replay