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“AVOID these 10 Handmade Business Myths” is the topic for this FREE workshop. These 10 myths will just blow your mind – and COULD get you into a lot of trouble if you believe them.

Join me while I talk abut each one, give you the real scoop, and blow those myths right out of your mind!

There is a LOT of misleading information on the internet about starting and running a handmade business.

The misleading information is based on myth and rumors – and if you listen to or believe them – they could land you in DEEP SH*T with Federal, State, or Local government agencies. That’s the LAST thing you want or need.

There are some business coaches who don’t do a lot to clear up this misleading information either.

You see, they talk about how you can make a 4, 5 or 6-figure income from running a handmade business sound EASY, when you listen to them.

You buy their course or signup for their membership site and get all caught up in what they are teaching you about SELLING:

  • creating a brand
  • building a website
  • crafting your message
  • marketing techniques
  • selling techniques
  • diversifying your income through Ad Revenue, Affiliate programs, etc.

But wait …. they are only teaching you about selling and making money!

All of those things are valuable – BUT, selling is only part of the big picture of starting and running a handmade business.

The other part of the big picture that they aren’t teaching you about is all the behind the scenes stuff that you need to do to PREPARE for when the money starts rolling in, like:

  • registering your business
  • getting setup for taxes
  • or, why you need to create a good bookkeeping or record keeping system

Without this knowledge, you could wind up in a ton of trouble with the tax man at the end of the year and you don’t want that!

This is when when those 10 handmade business myths that you want to avoid come into play.

Over the last few years these are the top 10 things I’ve heard said in various Facebook groups.

Many times, these things are said by well-meaning people who read them somewhere and repeated them, based on what they understood.

Other times these things are never actually said out loud, but it’s sort of implied.

Either way it makes me so pissed when I hear this CRAP!

The people repeating these handmade business myths and those who aren’t giving you clear information about the BIG picture aren’t doing YOU any favors!

These are the 10 handmade business myths I’m going to talk about in this live workshop. Maybe you’ve heard some of them too?

  • #10 You’re just a hobby business (because you made less than $1,000.00)
  • #9 “Don’t worry about tracking finances or what you spend until AFTER you’ve decided to start a handmade business
  • #8 Starting a handmade business will let you write of ALL of your expenses
  • #7 You don’t have to register your handmade business (because you’re just starting out and it’s super small)
  • #6 You’re not selling much (so it doesn’t count as a REAL business)
  • #5 You don’t have to worry about Sales Tax (if you’re selling online, at craft fairs, or flea markets)
  • #4 I just consider what I do a hobby (so I don’t need to register as a business)
  • #3 My shop is just a hobby right now (because I’m not making a profit yet)
  • #2 I only make $100.00 in sales (so I don’t have to report them)
  • #1 You don’t need to report sales (until you make more than $400.00)

All of those “don’t” statements SUGGEST that what you’re doing isn’t really a business because you’re just starting out. And, because you are just starting out you can just kind of ignore all those “other things” (like bookkeeping) and play with yarn and focus on selling instead!

Watch the short video below where I talk about Handmade Business Myth #3 – My Shop is just a hobby right now (because I’m not making a profit yet) and see if you think I’m telling you something that no one else has been telling you.

Then you can make a better decision on whether or not signing up for this course is worth giving up your email address….again…to someone you might not really know.

Look, I get it.

There is NOTHING more satisfying, relaxing or rewarding than taking a lovely skein of yarn and turning it into something absolutely beautiful. As a handmade business owner, I love doing that myself.

But if you’re going to be a business you have to act like a business – and that means doing the “other things too” instead of playing with yarn!

Sign up for the rest of this on-demand workshop where I blow these myths out of the water and tell you what the “real deal” is!