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Bookkeeping, accounting, and numbers… it’s all scary and intimidating stuff! 

Does it send shivers down your spine?  If so, it’s time to banish that fear and embark on a journey that will transform the way you feel about your handmade business finances.

Introducing “Handmade Biz Bookkeeping Breakthroughs”

Your gateway to achieving bookkeeping excellence with 75% less overwhelm.  Say goodbye to the day when your bookkeeping and finances felt like a baffling puzzle, and HELLO to taking charge of your business’s finances.

If bookkeeping feels like:


Understanding how to keep tabs on the financial health of your handmade, creative or craft business.  With our specially designed bookkeeping resources, you’ll always be in the know about your money’s movements, giving you the power to make informed decisions at any moment. 

You’ve probably heard…..

That you can turn your love of fiber into a profitable 5 or 6-figure business, but the path to success is paved with financial groundwork.  Without a solid financial foundation, your dreams might remain just that — dreams.  

Here’s why having a solid financial foundation is crucial:

  • Working without a plan is like wandering aimlessly.  Whether it’s a sales strategy or financial planning, both are essential.
  • Don’t be one-sided; focus on both selling and managing your finances.
  • A robust financial base is the cornerstone to a 5 or 6-figure handmade business.

Now, here’s the hard truth – overnight success just isn’t that easy when you run a handmade business!

If you’re determined to build a 5 or 6-figure handmade business, you need a bookkeeping system that has your back. The time to act is NOW because there’s a lot of groundwork to cover!

You’ve probably heard this advice from just about every handmade business coach out there:

  • “Just hook up with your local Small Business Administration (SBA); they’ll help you with your bookkeeping.”
  • “Hire a CPA, they’re experts in bookkeeping.”

But let’s debunk the myths:

  • The SBA can guide you in setting up and registering your business but struggles with making accounting jargon understandable.
  • CPAs are costly and specialize in taxes, not the fundamental bookkeeping knowledge you need.

If …….

I want to help you change all that and provide you with a way to get your books tax-preparer-ready … minus the stress and confusion that often goes along with accounting terminology and number crunching.

Don’t let another bookkeeping day slip by due to fear of what you might uncover! Empower yourself by getting to know your financial data; it’s one of the most impactful steps toward success.

As a seasoned bookkeeper with an Accounting degree, I’ve learned there are 7 steps to success-driven bookkeeping:

  1. Master the lingo of accounting.
  2. Learn the correct processes.
  3. Figure out what is and isn’t a deductible expense for tax purposes.
  4. Demystify Inventory and Cost of Goods Sold (COGS).
  5. Understand when Sales Tax is and isn’t included in Income and when it is or isn’t deductible.
  6. Do the bookkeeping (on a regular weekly/monthly basis).
  7. Analyze your numbers like a pro.

Most folks skip the first 5 steps, dabble in the 6th, and ignore the 7th – which leaves them more confused and ill-prepared when tax time rolls around.

That’s exactly why you might feel overwhelmed and stressed when dealing with your books and numbers.


But here’s the game-changer: It doesn’t have to be this way!

If you want MORE money flowing into your business bank account, you must learn the right way to manage your books. Even if it feels like:

  • Learning a new language.
  • Navigating a maze of procedures.
  • Deciphering deductible expenses for this year’s taxes is a puzzle.
  • Inventory and Cost of Goods Sold is something that only the IRS and CPAs understand!
  • Sales Tax is the MOST confusing AF thing on earth and the IRS publications make you question your ability to read and understand the written language!
  • Doing your bookkeeping on a weekly/monthly basis is a total waste of time!
  • You have NO IDEA how to analyze your numbers.

Handmade Biz Bookkeeping Breakthroughs is your solution. It’s your ticket to mastering the tuff stuff in plain English. Without putting your business on hold to get an accounting degree.

Deep down, you know it’s time to get off the hamster wheel of stress and overwhelm about your bookkeeping. Because you know just one simple audit could be the end of your business.

Ease that fear by investing in Handmade Biz Bookkeeping Breakthroughs and take CONTROL of your books, finances, and business – starting right now!

Handmade Biz Bookkeeping Breakthroughs is a 6-part course just for handmade, creative, and craft business owners.

It’s your ticket to mastering the tuff bookkeeping stuff in plain English, without putting your business on hold to get an accounting degree!

Unlike other bookkeeping, finance, or “get ready for tax time” events, you won’t leave with more questions than you did when you signed up!

Each session will include a workbook and handouts, PLUS provide you with step-by-step instructions on the topic, so you’ll walk away knowing exactly how to deal with the bookkeeping task for that session.

Here’s what we’ll be covering:


The Kick-off lesson is where it all begins! We’ll start by focusing on some mindset work about the negative thoughts that keep you from doing your bookkeeping and work on ways to overcome them. PLUS, we’ll talk about whether the IRS considers you to be a hobby or a business and what a bookkeeping systems job is really all about.


Are you struggling to unravel the complexities of your craft business’s inventory? This lesson is you ticket to understanding inventory. In just 90-120 minutes you’ll be guided through the essential principles of inventory, helping you to keep track of materials, finished products, and everything in between. Say goodbye to inventory headaches and hello to a well-oiled, efficient craft business.


Are you puzzled by the intricacies of Costs of Goods Sold (COGS)? Embark on a journey toward financial enlightenment. In just 90-120 minutes we’ll demystify COGS. Say farewell to guesswork and hello to a deeper understanding of exactly what COGS is and how each products cost affects your bottom line.


Are you struggling to make sense of your business expenses? This 90-120 minute lesson is your key to gaining clarity in the art of expense categorization. Learn to distinguish the difference between essential costs and discretionary expenses and where all those expenses fit into your Schedule C or Canadian tax return.


Are you overwhelmed by trying to figure out when Sales Tax is and isn’t included in Income and when it is or isn’t deductible? Read the IRS publications and are seriously questioning your ability to understand the English language? This session is your beacon of clarity … whether you sell online through your own website, on Etsy, at craft fairs, on consignment, or in your own storefront; you’ll gain the knowledge needed to navigate the complexities.


Bring your toughest bookkeeping questions! If you’re filled with bookkeeping questions this 90-120 minute lesson is your golden opportunity to seek guidance and unravel even the most perplexing bookkeeping conundrums. Don’t let bookkeeping dilemmas hold you back from financial success!

All lessons include workbooks and handouts.

BUT wait, there’s more!



Accounting Speak for Your Handmade, Creative, or Craft Business eBook.

Your pocket guide to understanding all those confusing bookkeeping and accounting terms! Learn to talk & understand “accounting speak” like a pro!

Tax Deductions for Your Handmade, Creative, or Craft Business eBook.

You’re pocket guide to what is and isn’t deductible.

Sales Tax – What Craft Business Owners Need to Know eBook.

Learn Sales Tax basics, what happens if you sell on Etsy, selling in person at craft fairs, and a state-by-state guide to what is/isn’t taxable and sales tax thresholds.

Handmade, Creative, or Craft Business Bookkeeping Journal.

Includes a checklist to make sure you’ve got the financial side of your business setup correctly PLUS daily, weekly, monthly and year-end checklists to help you get and keep your bookkeeping tax-time-ready!

BONUS RECORDING – Pricing & Budgets

In this bonus pre-recorded session I’ll show you how the cost to make an item influences your pricing. Then we’ll talk about (and create) a budget for your business, so you don’t end up spending too much.

Ok, so now it’s decision time!

Do you want to stay stuck?


Get your bookkeeping under control?


1. Who is this course for?

ANSWER: This course is designed for anyone running a handmade, creative or craft business. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to scale it up. It’s for those who want to gain control over their finances and build a strong financial foundation for their business.

2. What if I have no prior experience with bookkeeping or accounting?

ANSWER: No worries! Handmade Biz Bookkeeping Breakthroughs is beginner-friendly and breaks down complex concepts into easy-to-understand language with step-by-step instructions on how to complete the bookkeeping task. It’s perfect for those new to bookkeeping as well as those looking to refine their skills.

3. How will this course benefit me and my business?

ANSWER: This course provides you with knowledge, training, and tools to manage your finances effectively. You’ll learn about proper bookkeeping procedures, inventory, cost of goods sold, categorizing expenses, and sales tax PLUS you’ll feel more confident that your books are tax-time-ready, all year long.

6. I already have a subscription to the Handmade Business Bookkeeping Academy, will this course be added to my existing subscription?

ANSWER: Yes and Yes! We’re here to support you on your bookkeeping journey! This course, workbooks, handouts, and bonuses will be added to your current Academy subscription.