Welcome to the Yarny Bookkeeper
Welcome to the Yarny Bookkeeper
So you want to start a handmade business
So you want to start a handmade business
Webinars & Courses
Webinars & Courses
Choosing a business structure for your handmade business
Starting your handmade business

Choosing a business structure for your handmade biz

Choosing a business structure for your handmade (creative) biz is one of the first things you should do.  You should also keep in mind that the legal structure you choose impacts everything – and I do mean EVERYTHING! You will need to research the different types of business structures that there are (I’ll give you …

tips for keeping track of business receipts
Bookkeeping Basics

Tips for keeping track of business receipts

There are so many different ways of keeping track of your business receipts and keep the paperwork organized for your handmade business, here are a few tips that I find most helpful. We purchase something in a store and we’re asked “Would you like a receipt?” from the person checking us out.  Unfortunately, we hear …

2 methods for tracking use tax in your handmade business

Use tax tracking tips for your handmade business

Two use tax tracking tips for your handmade business – one using QuickBooks and the other using spreadsheets. Last week we talked about the difference between Sales & Use tax and how it’s your responsibility to keep track of the amount of Use tax that you owe the tax department when you file your Sales & Use …

The difference between sales and use tax

The Difference Between Sales & Use Tax in your handmade business

Use tax is a type of sales tax on purchases made from another state for items that would be taxable if you bought them locally. Use tax is also sort of like the evil twin of Sales tax, BUT each of these taxes work differently. So, let’s backtrack for a second….. As a legitimate handmade business, …

set aside your self-employment taxes

Self-employment taxes & your handmade business

Self-employment taxes are your responsibility when you have a handmade business.  When you are self-employed, you are responsible for paying your own Federal Income Tax, State Income Tax, Self-employment tax (Social Security and Medicare), and perhaps even additional city or local taxes.  You don’t have a choice and you can’t choose when you start contributing …

Join our productivity challenge
Business Basics

Join us for a Productivity Challenge!

Productivity is a challenge for handmade business owners!  And I’m inviting you to join our Productivity Challenge in our Facebook group! Every Monday in our Facebook group the theme is Manage “IT” Monday, now the “IT” is whatever task or tasks you have that have been sitting on your back burner that you’ve been ignoring for …

Sales Tax, Economic Nexus & your handmade business

Sales Tax, Economic Nexus & Your handmade business

Sales tax laws are changing quickly – and as a handmade business owner you need to know the rules about economic nexus and be prepared! You may have heard or read about South Dakota vs. Wayfair, Inc. and sort of just dismissed it for any number of reasons – but it is a really big deal.  Under this …

Sales Tax can now be required to be collected for each state

Sales Tax, the Supreme Court Decision & your handmade business

Sales Tax tracking could (and probably will) get way more complicated for your handmade business.  On Thursday June 21, 2018 the Supreme Court passed a law in which every state who has not already done so may now pass laws requiring all online retailers to collect sales tax and remit it to the state where the customer …

Email Etiquette - Be Concise & Professional
Business Basics

Email Etiquette – Be Concise & Professional

Another important aspect of email etiquette is to be concise and professional. Stop and think about a paper document, where it is absolutely essential to make everything completely clear, because your audience will not have a chance to ask for clarification.  With email, text and even Facebook posts, your recipient can ask questions immediately.  Like …

Email Etiquette - Making a GOOD first impression
Business Basics

Email Etiquette-Making a GOOD First Impression

Email etiquette and making a GOOD first impression are so important for your handmade business. Let’s start by comparing the various ways that we initially meet our potential customers. Making a good first impression in a traditional meeting: Let’s say you are exhibiting at a craft fair, people are coming into your booth space and …

email etiquette
Business Basics

Email Etiquette Basics – Why it’s important

Let’s start with email etiquette basics and why it’s important in your handmade business. It’s amazing to find in this day of technology and it’s high reliance on email and text messaging as a standard means of communication that some businesses still do not realize just how important their communications are. In the business world …