Welcome to the Yarny Bookkeeper
Welcome to the Yarny Bookkeeper
So you want to start a handmade business
So you want to start a handmade business
Webinars & Courses
Webinars & Courses
Bookkeeping for your creative biz may cost you money up front, but it will save you time & money in the long run.
Bookkeeping Basics

Bookkeeping using software

Bookkeeping using software, will cost you money- but it is going to SAVE you a LOT of time in the long run! Unlike spreadsheets, which we talked about last week, bookkeeping software costs money.  Money is something that many handmade or creative business owners lack, especially when they are just starting out. BUT, time is …

Bookkeeping using spreadsheets-is it right for your handmade biz?
Bookkeeping Basics

Bookkeeping using spreadsheets

Bookkeeping using spreadsheets was the most popular answer to a poll I created this week in my Free Facebook community.  I asked the members of the community to tell me what they would like to learn more about: creating a bookkeeping system using spreadsheets setting up QuickBooks Online to do your books using QuickBooks Desktop …

Tax time is approaching-Advice from the bookkeeping fairy
Bookkeeping Basics

As Tax time approaches-Advice from the bookkeeping fairy

As TAX time quickly approaches, I’m betting most of us wish we had a bookkeeping fairy to turn to for advice (or one that could simply work her magic and our books would be done).  Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a bookkeeping fairy – but I can offer up some advice. Unfortunately, there …

There is no such thing as a bookkeeping fairy who'll come along in the middle of the night and handle your bookkeeping
Bookkeeping Basics

Get the bookkeeping for your creative biz under control

Getting the bookkeeping for your creative biz under control should be a high priority for every handmade business owner.  If you are serious about running a creative or handmade biz you need to be serious about doing your bookkeeping. Over the next few week, I’ll be giving you some tips to help you turn over …

Tax time 2018, review your records
Bookkeeping Basics, Taxes

Tax time, review your bookkeeping records

Tax time is almost here in the U.S. and that means it’s time to review your bookkeeping records and reports.  For some of us, it may actually mean several days of grueling data entry.  Either way, once the data is entered, you need to carefully review your reports for accuracy. For most of us here …

Bookkeeping mistakes happen, but you have to be careful when following information on the web. Not everyone is qualified to provide bookkeeping advice.
Bookkeeping Basics

Common bookkeeping mistakes

Bookkeeping mistakes happen – I get it – they happen to the best of us.  But sometimes bookkeeping mistakes happen because of something we read on the internet written by people who mean well.  I want to warn you: Not everyone out there is qualified to give you bookkeeping advice!  AND, not everything you read …

Blog post - 6 Steps to help you with your year-end physical inventory
Bookkeeping Basics

Year-end physical inventory tips

A physical year-end inventory is an absolute MUST for every creative or handmade business owner.  Let me start by saying that inventory is an animal all of it’s own.  Inventory, just like any animal, needs constant attention. EVERY creative or handmade biz that has inventory MUST: do a physical inventory when you decide to start …

Choosing a business structure for your handmade business
Starting your handmade business

Choosing a business structure for your handmade biz

Choosing a business structure for your handmade (creative) biz is one of the first things you should do.  You should also keep in mind that the legal structure you choose impacts everything – and I do mean EVERYTHING! You will need to research the different types of business structures that there are (I’ll give you …

tips for keeping track of business receipts
Bookkeeping Basics

Tips for keeping track of business receipts

There are so many different ways of keeping track of your business receipts and keep the paperwork organized for your handmade business, here are a few tips that I find most helpful. We purchase something in a store and we’re asked “Would you like a receipt?” from the person checking us out.  Unfortunately, we hear …

2 methods for tracking use tax in your handmade business

Use tax tracking tips for your handmade business

Two use tax tracking tips for your handmade business – one using QuickBooks and the other using spreadsheets. Last week we talked about the difference between Sales & Use tax and how it’s your responsibility to keep track of the amount of Use tax that you owe the tax department when you file your Sales & Use …

The difference between sales and use tax

The Difference Between Sales & Use Tax in your handmade business

Use tax is a type of sales tax on purchases made from another state for items that would be taxable if you bought them locally. Use tax is also sort of like the evil twin of Sales tax, BUT each of these taxes work differently. So, let’s backtrack for a second….. As a legitimate handmade business, …

set aside your self-employment taxes

Self-employment taxes & your handmade business

Self-employment taxes are your responsibility when you have a handmade business.  When you are self-employed, you are responsible for paying your own Federal Income Tax, State Income Tax, Self-employment tax (Social Security and Medicare), and perhaps even additional city or local taxes.  You don’t have a choice and you can’t choose when you start contributing …