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Year-end bookkeeping specials …….

Because year-end and tax time are quickly approaching!

If you’ve been busy making and designing all year long and just counting the money when it comes rolling in – chances are you’re not ready for year-end and tax time!

This year I have two great year-end bookkeeping specials that I’m super excited to be offering!

(You’re gonna want to read this to the very end! If you know someone who would benefit from these offers, please share this page with them)

Year-end Bookkeeping Special #1:

The Handmade Business Bookkeeping 101 Challenge

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A free, 6-day event for handmade, creative, and craft business owners that uncovers proven secrets to categorizing expenses, understanding inventory, and figuring out Cost of Goods Sold – all while preserving their passion for fiber.

January 6 – 13, 2023

Year-end Bookkeeping Special #2:

The Handmade Business Bookkeeping Academy

An exclusive, members only community where you have access to comprehensive, step-by-step courses designed to take you from bookkeeping overwhelm to becoming a confident, badass handmade business bookkeeper with easy-to-handle lessons and step-by-step tutorials.

You’ll have access to all the webinars & courses that I’ve done PLUS new items as they are released.

The Handmade Business Bookkeeping Academy