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How inventory works and why it’s important in your handmade business

How inventory works and why it’s important in your handmade, creative, or craft business can be totally confusing to understand. Running a handmade, creative, or craft business is a labor of love. The overhead required to keep it running smoothly is usually your precious time and energy. Understanding how inventory works and why it’s important to keep track of it, allows …

My Handmade Biz-Why track Cost of Goods Sold? It's important to know what it cost you to make an item so you can determine a good sales price.

My Handmade Biz-Why Track Cost of Goods Sold?

Why do I need to track Cost of Goods Sold and WHAT exactly is it? Understanding what Cost of Goods Sold is and WHY it’s important to track it is certainly a confusing thing for most handmade and creative business owners.  Let’s see if we can clear that up. Over the last couple of weeks we’ve talked about inventory – …

When using spreadsheets to track inventory, you could end up with as many as 25 columns of information that you have to complete and maintain in order to track everything you need for your records and tax purposes.

My Handmade Biz-How to Track Inventory

How to track inventory is a question that makes the eyes of most handmade and creative business owners glaze over in confusion and perhaps just a touch of terror. This post offers practical tips on how to track inventory including what info you need to track. Last week, in Part 1 of this 4 part series on Inventory and Cost …