Time tracking-Why it's important to keep track of the time you spend for your handmade or creative biz

Time tracking-Why it’s important to keep detailed records

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Time tracking, the art of keeping detailed records of the amount of time you spend on EVERYTHING you do in your business.

As handmade or creative business owners we tend to think that time tracking is only important when we are working on a project.  That’s just not true.

Time tracking is important and we need to keep detailed records

Time tracking keeps us accountable, helps us manage our time

There are a lot of reasons that time tracking is important.  Here’s just a couple.

  1.  It keeps us accountable
  2.  Helps us make sure we are using our time wisely
  3.  Helps us see what’s taking up so much of our time
  4.  Provides proof that we are a legitimate business and not a hobby
  5.  Makes sure that we know how long it takes to complete a project

What types of activities do we need to keep track of?

In reality we need to track the time we spend on EVERY aspect of our business.

  • Social media sharing
  • Creating graphics for our social media postings
  • Writing blog posts
  • Doing research
  • Writing patterns
  • Making finished items
  • Bookkeeping
  • Ordering supplies
  • Time spent working on our website, Etsy shop, Ravelry shop, etc.
  • Organizing supplies
  • Time spent attending webinars, live chats, etc.

The list seems ENDLESS!  And in reality it pretty much is.

How to start a simple time tracking system.Create a weekly timesheet and keep track of the time you spend every day on every business related task

If you don’t already have a time tracking system in place – it’s time to start!

  • Start with a list of ALL the things that you do that are business related.
  • Group related items into categories
  • Create a spreadsheet and track the amount of time you spend each day on each task/category
  • Or, download a free time tracking app/program like Toggl (I use this and highly recommend it)

Try something for a week and at the end of the week review it carefully.

I bet you’ll be surprised at how little time you spend on your actual craft, unless you totally ignore all your other business related responsibilities.

You’ll also be able to see what activity sucked the most time.

I bet you’ll find the answer to the nagging question that we all have, which is……..

Where did the week go?

How are you tracking your time?

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Hi, I'm Nancy. Yarn addict, career bookkeeper, and handmade business owner. I get the same feeling of joy when working with yummy yarns as I do when working with a column of numbers that all add up correctly. Bookkeeping for your handmade or creative business doesn't need to be scary. I can help you learn to handle your bookkeeping and other behind the scenes STUFF with confidence!

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