It's tough to go digital in the paper world of a handmade business owner

Tools & Tips for going digital in a paper world

Tools, Apps & Tips for going digital in a paper world is our topic this week.  Going digital in a paper world can create quite a few stumbling blocks – change can be difficult and you do need to be organized! Sometimes the stumbling blocks happen because we just can’t wrap our heads around the …

Bookkeeping using spreadsheets-is it right for your handmade biz?

Bookkeeping using spreadsheets

Bookkeeping using spreadsheets was the most popular answer to a poll I created this week in my Free Facebook community.  I asked the members of the community to tell me what they would like to learn more about: creating a bookkeeping system using spreadsheets setting up QuickBooks Online to do your books using QuickBooks Desktop …

Tax time 2018, review your records

Tax time, review your bookkeeping records

Tax time is almost here in the U.S. and that means it’s time to review your bookkeeping records and reports.  For some of us, it may actually mean several days of grueling data entry.  Either way, once the data is entered, you need to carefully review your reports for accuracy. For most of us here …

Choosing a business structure for your handmade business

Choosing a business structure for your handmade biz

Choosing a business structure for your handmade (creative) biz is one of the first things you should do.  You should also keep in mind that the legal structure you choose impacts everything – and I do mean EVERYTHING! You will need to research the different types of business structures that there are (I’ll give you …

The difference between sales and use tax

The Difference Between Sales & Use Tax in your handmade business

Use tax is a type of sales tax on purchases made from another state for items that would be taxable if you bought them locally. Use tax is also sort of like the evil twin of Sales tax, BUT each of these taxes work differently. So, let’s backtrack for a second….. As a legitimate handmade business, …

set aside your self-employment taxes

Self-employment taxes & your handmade business

Self-employment taxes are your responsibility when you have a handmade business.  When you are self-employed, you are responsible for paying your own Federal Income Tax, State Income Tax, Self-employment tax (Social Security and Medicare), and perhaps even additional city or local taxes.  You don’t have a choice and you can’t choose when you start contributing …