Welcome to the Yarny Bookkeeper
Welcome to the Yarny Bookkeeper
So you want to start a handmade business
So you want to start a handmade business
Webinars & Courses
Webinars & Courses
Email etiquette
Business Basics

Email Etiquette & Your Handmade Business

Email etiquette in your handmade business is SO important!  Whether you love or hate email it’s here to stay – we can’t avoid it – but there is a lot to email etiquette that people just don’t seem to stop and think about. Now, I’m not talking about the email newsletter subscriptions that you’ve signed …

10 Things EVERY handmade business owner should know!-Webinar replay
Starting your handmade business

10 Things EVERY handmade business owner should know!-Webinar Replay

10 things EVERY handmade & creative business owner should know!  Here are the 10 things we’ll be talking about: 8 Things other webinars aren’t telling you!  Sure, you’ve attended other webinars – but did your hosts tell you about these 8 things that aren’t glamorous? How does the IRS view handmade businesses?  Hobby vs. business – learn …

Handmade business OVERWHELM!
Business Basics, Starting your handmade business

Handmade business OVERWHELM

Handmade business OVERWHELM!  A topic that few people discuss, mainly because everyone seems to want to lead you to believe that running a handmade business is EASY – and they focus on the glamour of owning and running your own business. Well, I’m different – I’m brutally honest.  Owning a handmade business isn’t for the …

Tips for tracking income & expenses by venue
Behind the scenes in your handmade biz, Bookkeeping Basics

Tips for Tracking Income & Expenses by venue

Tracking income and expenses by venue or customer and the various jobs/projects you do for them is something every handmade business owner will want or need to do at some point.  After all, we want to know which craft fair we spent the most money on and the amount of money that we made from …

Sales Tax tracking tips
Bookkeeping Basics, Taxes

Sales Tax Tracking Tips for your handmade business

Tracking sales tax in your handmade business can be a total pain and it could get worse!  On Tuesday 4/17/18 the Supreme Court took up the battle between states and web retailers over the collection and remittance of Sales Tax and this could result in small business owners have to collect and remit Sales Tax …

best laid plans go down the drain
Behind the scenes in your handmade biz, Yarny Bookkeeper-a behind the scenes look

Best laid plans often go down the drain

Sometimes our best laid plans often go down the drain.  That’s what happened to me this week.  Like many of you I have a a demanding “other” job and sometimes that interfere’s with EVERYTHING and my plans just go down the drain. If you have a job in addition to your handmade business or if …

How to calculate business use of home
Behind the scenes in your handmade biz

Calculating Business Use of Home Costs for Finished Items

Calculating business use of home costs so that we can add that amount into the final cost of our finished items is important – but also very tricky.  Many handmade business owners (including myself) sort of work all over the house.   The IRS has some pretty specific rules for taking a business use of home …

3 methods for tracking costs of little parts & pieces
Behind the scenes in your handmade biz, Tracking costs of handmade items

Tracking Costs of Little Parts & Pieces

Tracking costs of little parts and pieces that go into your final finished handmade creations can be totally mind boggling!  Here are some tips which we talked about in a live Facebook video this past week. If you are a yarn dyer you have the cost of baking soda, crochet thread, guar gum, litmus test …

You'll need help filing your 2018 tax return

The 20% Pass Through Deduction & Your Handmade Business

This week we’ll talk about how the Tax Cuts and Job Act will impact those of  you who are running a real business.  Last week we talked about how the new Tax Laws impact those of you who treat your handmade business as a hobby – you can read that article here. Let me clarify …

How will the new tax laws impact your handmade business?

The New Tax Laws and Your Handmade Business

Wondering how the new tax laws will impact your handmade business in 2018?  I’ve been wondering too and now that my taxes for 2017 are done and there is better information available, I’ve been doing some research.  Here’s what I’ve found so far. First off, let me make it perfectly clear and remind you that …

I've been so frustrated by technology
Yarny Bookkeeper-a behind the scenes look

So, it’s still pretty messy

So, here we are almost a month later and things are still pretty messy around here {SIGH} The last time I posted I told you that I purchased a NEW theme called Blossom Feminine Pro, have installed and configured it on a test site, resized all of my images, and thought it would only take a couple …

Warning - it's going to be a little messy around here
Starting your handmade business

Warning-Things are going to be a little messy

Saturday, February 10, 2018 Good morning everyone 🙂 I just wanted to give everyone a heads up that things are going to be a little messy around here for a week or so while I add a new theme to the site and get everything looking and working properly. When I launched this site back …