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February is learn to love your bookkeeping month

That’s right, February is learn to LOVE your bookkeeping month right here on the YarnyBookkeeper website!


Learn to


your bookkeeping with these resources:

Learn about what you need to do and when you should be doing it.

Blog posts that will help you to understand that there’s more to bookkeeping than just getting a business checking account and keeping personal and business expenses separate.

Join the private, non-Facebook Community with other handmade, creative, and craft business owners who are serious about getting their bookkeeping under control. Be the first to access FREE live Trainings and Challenges to learn about how to do your handmade business bookkeeping.

Are you a motivated business owner who wants step-by-step instructions on how to setup a bookkeeping system from the very beginning? If so, the Handmade Business Bookkeeping Academy is worth checking out. It’s an annual or monthly subscription – choose which one fits your budget.

I’ll be holding a FREE webinar in the Handmade Business Bookkeeping Community on February 14th at 2 pm EST called

How to figure out how much money you need to make in order to pay yourself.”

Have you ever set an income goal where you’ve said, “my business needs to pay me $X this year”, and then wondered why that didn’t happen? If so, then this free session is for you!

During this live session you’ll receive an Excel spreadsheet Budget Calculator where you’ll enter:

  • the amount of money you want to pay yourself THIS year
  • how many hours per week you have available to make or design
  • then we’ll create a budget for all the things that we pay for (this includes the things you KNOW you pay for every month and give yourself a budget for other things – like YARN)
  • once all of this is in place, the Budget Calculator will work it’s magic and provide you with how much you have to set aside for taxes, have in Income (Sales), and will even tell you what your fair hourly wage should be in order to accomplish all of this!

If you prefer NOT to join the Handmade Business Bookkeeping Community, you can register for this session HERE.

Celebrate your numbers!

(ok, so maybe you won’t learn to love bookkeeping, but you’ll have a much better appreciation for what it can tell you about your business 😉)