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woman business owner staring at computer in confusion

Tired of struggling with the bookkeeping for your handmade or creative business?

Of course you are, otherwise you wouldn’t be here, right?

I totally get it!

Let me take a guess as to where you’re at in this whole “bookkeeping” thing. I’m betting you’ve:

  • downloaded every free Excel based “bookkeeping” template known to man
  • bought some Excel based bookkeeping spreadsheets
  • agonized over the fact that the things you’ve tried just don’t quite “cut it” for your biz
  • spent countless hours piecing together advice from blogs, YouTube videos, podcasts and online courses
  • gotten to the point where you are ready to give up in sheer FRUSTRATION!

Bookkeeping is tough ….. and running a handmade or creative biz is no small feat!

The problems

Most handmade business coaching programs tell you

  • Setup a separate business checking account
  • Track you income and expenses in a way that makes sense to you

But, there’s SO MUCH MORE to it than that!

There is NO one bookkeeping system that is right for EVERY handmade or creative biz……

Each handmade or creative biz is unique.  What most creative businesses need is a bookkeeping system that is designed specifically to meet their needs and you just aren’t going to get that with spreadsheets created by someone else.

PLUS, spreadsheets ARE NOT a replacement for real bookkeeping software. 

Sure, the savvy tech people, handmade business coaches, and even a lot of CPA’s will tell you that it can be done – but REALLY spreadsheets were never designed or intended to be or to replace real bookkeeping software. 

Spreadsheets are easy to use (to a point) but they just too cumbersome and require you to update too many individual spreadsheets or tabs to use for a bookkeeping system.  Which translates in way to many errors and takes up way too much time.

I know.  Shocker, right?


Create a bookkeeping system for your handmade or creative business

Bookkeeping is a necessary evil when you own a business – there’s just no getting around it.

Join the waiting list for this upcoming course - Learn how to design a bookkeeping system for your creative biz

And I firmly believe that each creative or handmade business is unique.

In this course you get the precise steps you need, in the order you need them to design a  bookkeeping system specifically for YOUR biz using Wave Accounting (free software) or QuickBooks Desktop – Windows version (paid software) …

PLUS, you’ll learn how to:

  • set up the Wave or QuickBooks bookkeeping program
  • handle inventory for both materials and finished items in QuickBooks (Wave does NOT offer good inventory tracking)
  • use the bookkeeping program
  • enter the day to day “normal” transactions
  • handle “special” bookkeeping transactions
  • enter sales from Ravelry, Etsy, etc.
  • track Sales Tax that’s collected and owed


We focus on YOU & YOUR biz

Most bookkeeping type courses seem to talk in general terms without offering any real “how-to’s” or specifics? Yeah, we don’t believe in that type of educational philosophy around here.

You know how some bookkeeping type courses seem to talk in general terms without offering any real “how-to’s” or specifics for YOUR business, leaving you to put the pieces together?

Yeah, we don’t believe in that type of educational philosophy around here.

We believe that each creative or handmade biz is unique – AND that there is no one size fits all bookkeeping system.

Sure, bookkeeping procedures are pretty much the same across the board – but let’s face it, a maker is going to track different things than say a pattern designer.

If you struggle with bookkeeping tasks, aren’t a numbers person, or are frustrated because no one seems to understand your biz – then this course is for you.

Hi I'm Nancy Smyth aka the Yarny Bookkeeper. I'm a career bookkeeper and handmade business owner just like you.

Hi I’m Nancy aka the Yarny Bookkeeper. I’m a career bookkeeper, software developer, and a handmade business owner just like you.

You get a direct line to your instructor (that’s ME)

You know how when you take most courses or webinars – it’s the old “once it’s over – IT’S OVER” kind of deal?  Meaning you only have access to the course for, say for 4 months. If your questions aren’t answered or if you add something new to your business and aren’t sure how to enter the transactions , oh well – too bad, so sad. You’ve gotta wait until next year and take (and pay for) the course all over again.

Others set up a membership site and you watch pre-recorded video’s without EVER having access to the instructor.  Yeah, that doesn’t cut it in my opinion.

I’ve set up a “Private” Facebook group just for this course, that you’ll have LIFETIME access to.   Inside this group, you’ll have direct access to me EVERY single day.

(Just a little hint – in my 30+ year long bookkeeping career I’ve worked with thousands of business owners and their bookkeepers and have taught them to successfully do their bookkeeping and project tracking.  I can help you do that too!)

Top-of-the-line training

Learn about business finances from someone that knows the ropes.

Without mention any names (wink*, wink*) I’m not into:

  • repurposing a bunch of content from the blog and calling it “an online course” – instead, I expand on what you find on the blog and personally help you apply it to your business
  • getting someone to write the content for me (while I take the credit)
  • getting someone to teach the content – who has no idea about what it takes to run a business
  • closing the doors after 4 months
  • focusing on getting LAST year’s bookkeeping done so you can file your taxes

I personally plan, create, and host everything that you see on this website and everything you’ll learn in this course.   This way you don’t have to worry about receiving second-rate materials and information.  (That doesn’t mean I’m perfect though!) 

Is this course actually right for me though?

Well, let’s see if I can answer that question for you……

This course IS for:This course is NOT for:
– Makers (knitters, crocheters, jewelry makers, quilters, etc.)– Those looking for a quick fix to a big problem
– Pattern designers– People who want to take shortcuts
– Yarn dyers– Those not willing to do the work
– New handmade/creative business owners– People who don’t like change
– Brick & mortar shops– Bookkeeping professionals.

What’s included:

4 modules that include:

Module 1: Welcome – 6 lessons that tell you about the course and what you’ll need

Module 2 – Using QuickBooks Desktop Pro or Premier for your bookkeeping system – 9 lessons covering purchasing, downloading, installing, setting up and using QuickBooks Desktop Pro or Premier to track your business finances.

Module 3 – Using Wave Accounting for your bookkeeping system – 8 lessons covering creating a FREE Wave Account, setting up and using Wave accounting to track your business finances.

Module 4 – Organizing and making sense of Etsy & PayPal Reports – 2 lessons that cover taking your monthly Etsy or PayPal reports, organizing them, and then entering that information into your bookkeeping system.

Buy now-$497.00

OR upgrade to the ♥️♥️Bookkeeping Essentials for Your Handmade Business♥️♥️ BUNDLE ($549.00)

and get the Mini-Course “What should you be tracking in your handmade business bookkeeping system” too. Learn more!