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You'll need help filing your 2018 tax return

The 20% Pass Through Deduction & Your Handmade Business

This week we’ll talk about how the Tax Cuts and Job Act will impact those of  you who are running a real business.  Last week we talked about how the new Tax Laws impact those of you who treat your handmade business as a hobby – you can read that article here. Let me clarify – a real business …….. …

How will the new tax laws impact your handmade business?

The New Tax Laws and Your Handmade Business

Wondering how the new tax laws will impact your handmade business in 2018?  I’ve been wondering too and now that my taxes for 2017 are done and there is better information available, I’ve been doing some research.  Here’s what I’ve found so far. First off, let me make it perfectly clear and remind you that I am NOT a CPA …