My Handmade/Creative Biz-Creating an Expense Budget. An expense budget helps you to keep track of your monthly fixed costs - the money you need to pay out EVEN if you have NO income.

My Creative Biz-Creating an Expense Budget

Creating an expense budget for your creative or handmade business helps you not only make the dollars you spend work for you, but also prevents your dollars from flying out the door!  It also provides you with the amount of your fixed costs that you need to pay each month or year – even IF …

Creating a Revenue Budget is the first step in your overall budget process. It helps you to determine your revenue goals.

Your Creative Biz-Creating a Revenue Budget

Creating a budget for your handmade or creative biz isn’t all that hard – but it does take time! Last week we talked about how a budget: is more than just saying “NO” to buying that wonderful soft, squish yarn that was on sale (when you already have close to $2,000.00 worth of yarn in …

A budget makes your money work for you. The money you make from selling your patterns or finished items has a purpose. Those dollars have a job to do

Your Creative Biz-An Intro to Budgets

Does your handmade or creative biz need a budget? Maybe you just finished up your bookkeeping for last year, looked at your numbers, and were appalled at the amount of money you spent in certain categories – Inventory perhaps? Maybe, you looked at your ending inventory balance, discovered it was close to $2,000.00!  Did you …