best laid plans go down the drain

Best laid plans often go down the drain

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Sometimes our best laid plans often go down the drain.  That’s what happened to me this week.  Like many of you I have a a demanding “other” job and sometimes that interfere’s with EVERYTHING and my plans just go down the drain. If you have a job in addition to your handmade business or if you have small children at home – I bet you totally understand!

Last Friday, I was sitting in really good shape.  Last week’s blog post – Calculating Business Use of Home Costs for Finished Items was all finished and scheduled for Saturday and I had a really good start on a post for this week on Sales Tax Tracking Tips.

THEN, Monday came along and the week wend downhill from there – FAST!  Tuesday I finished the blog post and added graphics, Wednesday I said – oh wait all these tips are intended for people who have accounting software – so I created a spreadsheet based on the same tips for those of you who don’t have accounting software.  Thursday, I finished up the spreadsheet and said – oh wait – people need a video or they aren’t going to have any idea how to use it.  Along came today and the “job” has left me exhausted and brain dead.

Next week you’ll get the blog post on Sales Tax Tracking Tips and it will be suitable for those of you have accounting software and those of you who use spreadsheets.

The spreadsheet will be a free download when you subscribe to my newsletter.  If you are a current subscriber – you’ll receive a second email from me next Saturday with the link to download it and the video on how to use it.

So, tell me how was your week?  What crazy things made your best laid plans go straight down the drain?

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