Hi I'm Nancy Smyth aka the Yarny Bookkeeper. I'm a career bookkeeper and handmade business owner just like you.

Hi, I’m Nancy Smyth – the face behind the Yarny Bookkeeper.

I’m a handmade business owner and a bookkeeper.  I love handmade businesses because of the uniqueness of the items available and the quality of the work.

As a career bookkeeper, small business owner (where I write software and teach people how to use QuickBooks by day), and a handmade business owner my goal is to help other handmade business owners learn to handle their bookkeeping and other behind the scenes stuff with confidence!

Most of the information you find on the internet about starting a handmade business focuses on selling your handmade items with little information on the behind the scenes tasks involved in actually starting and running a business – which can be totally overwhelming!

In 2016, when I started my handmade business (Fanciful Things, LLC), I joined two different membership groups that focused on starting a yarn related/handmade business.  I soon realized that no one was talking about the important aspects of running a business.  Things like:

  • How the IRS views handmade businesses,
  • What you have to track to PROVE you are a professional business
  • Business structures
  • Employer Identification Numbers (EIN’s)
  • State and/or Local Business Licenses, Permits and Taxes
  • Bookkeeping and Accounting terms
  • Etc.

Originally, I entered into an informal relationship with one of the group owners – I was to create a multi-part course focusing on the behind the scenes tasks involved in starting and running a business and have that course offered through her membership program.  While I was developing the course content she totally changed the direction of her membership group – and didn’t tell me.  When I finished the content and contacted her she told me that she wasn’t interested anymore because she had changed her course offerings.

Initially, I thought that I would put the course on the back burner, until I was ready to retire from the software business, and the course content sat for almost a year.  During that year I spent a fair amount of time searching the internet for the information that I had prepared.  I did find a few articles that offered less than stellar advice and thought – somebody needs to put some good information out there.  So, The Yarny Bookkeeper was born.  I made the time to build a website, polish and review my initial content, finalized the course and ran it through an 8-week initial beta with only a handful of people, which ended in January 2018.

Here’s a comment from one of the participants:

Nancy knows her stuff!  From what you need to do to be considered an honest-to-God business, how to register that business with the proper authorities, the things  you need to track to be profitable, how to handle your bookkeeping and the transactions that are important, how to choose the right tax professional, etc.  This course will give you a good, solid start with the “boring” side of your handmade business and help keep you from wondering where your money went.

~ Janis ~

What I do is simple – I teach handmade business owners, without using accounting speak, how to understand many of the behind the scenes tasks involved in setting up and running a business.

My super power (if you want to call it that) ……… is knowing that handmade business owners can learn to handle their bookkeeping tasks with confidence – they just need someone to speak their language!