4th of July

4th of July

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Happy 4th of July!

{Today is Day 4 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge – today’s topic was to do a short 4th of July post}

I was just going to do this little “Happy 4th of July – I’m taking the day off from blogging post”.

But something changed as it dawned on me that 19 years ago on 4th of July weekend we moved into this house.

As I let that thought sink into my brain, I realized that this is the strangest July 4th weekend I’ve ever had!

You see, from that very first July 4th weekend (19 years ago) our house has been filled with family & friends, lots of food, and lots of laughter.

This year was SO different.

It was just my husband (Ben) & I – plus Max our Boxer and Marvin our cat.  Oh,  I forgot to add destructive chipmunks and loud red squirrels.

Max, our 8 year old Boxer
Marvin the cat

No friends or family, no big cookout, no fireworks.  No nothing.

It was the quietest 4th of July weekend I’ve ever had!

Usually my daughter comes up from Connecticut with our 3 granddaughters (ages 12-21) and our neighbors all converge here for a weekend of fun, food & laughter.  My son never makes it home as he’s usually out on the road somewhere (he is an over-the-road truck driver).

We usually start with a huge cookout, the head out to the local fairgrounds to watch truck, tractor & horse pulls, eat fair food and watch fireworks.

This year.  I spent the day in the gardens.  Deadheading peonies that were destroyed in last weeks heavy rains and cleaning up chipmunk devastation.

Chipmunk destruction

Ben spent the weekend putting a metal roof on the woodshed he built.

The woodshed

Well, that’s it for today. It’s very scary, that something like this stinking COVID-19 virus can totally change your life.

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  1. I agree that it is scary but you made the best of it. Hopefully next year will be much different.

  2. Yes definitely a different feel, right??? I hope you are able to get together with your family soon! I know you probably miss them so!

  3. Your day was totally different but I enjoyed the. memories. Hubby and I were alone also, the first in a log time! He worked in the garden and I prepared a picnic…to eat inside. Yes it is very scary!

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